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I have been researching boat shares and syndication's for many years and have never really felt comfortable with any offer. This was until I was introduced by chance to BSA. I started my research with a basic phone call and have felt from that day that BSA operated a very good business that puts the customer first regardless whether you buy into a tinny or a 88 foot monster. I asked so many questions and they had the right answers every time. Their calm and flexible approach really made me feel comfortable into entering one of their syndications. Now we are in, we are over the moon. They have kept up every promise and nothing is an issue. Thanks, BSA. Highly recommended. Feb 2019



Andy, just a short note to say thank you.


We just spent a few nights up the Hawkesbury on Obsession and it was one on of the best breaks ever.


The boat was immaculate (the guys do a great job) and ran well. We used the toys (boards, kayac, brig), cooked great family meals and just chilled.


The teenagers got off their screens and got into “boat” life.


Loved it!



alan January 2017

Joining a syndicate through BSA has been a fantastic experience, they are unquestionably the best way to do boating on Sydney harbour.   BSA’s model offers excellent value for money, thorough initial training and great ongoing support.  The team are professional and the boats are well maintained.  I would thoroughly recommend BSA as a decision you won’t regret.

Mark June 2016


Gents. Just felt I had to drop you a note to congratulate you on the Belize 52. I am one of the Syndication owners at the Spit with BSA. It's my first venture into power having owned sailing yachts previously. She is an absolute marvel and the build quality and finish of the boat are beyond reproach. I feel privileged to own part of her and hope to own one outright one day. Well done.

On a side issue, although I approched the Syndication with some trepidation, I have be extremely impressed with the way Andy Young runs the business. He has great attention to detail and cares about the boats as if they were his own. I think you have a great marketing tool there.

Kind regards, Andrew Hardy - Belize 52

Hi Andy. 

I was hesitant to make the jump into boating but I'm happy to say that the experience has been a real pleasure. All of you at BSA have made everything very easy and enjoyable. 

Thanks for introducing me to hassle-free boating - the way it should be. And thanks for all the service and support that you continue to provide. 


Wayne Stacey

Stacey Electrical Pty. Ltd

There are few better days then being on the boat when the sun is out and you are with friends and family. We have had awesome times enjoying the harbour and watching the sunrise after sleeping over on the boat. BSA  is a great company to manage our boat share. The people are super friendly and ever ready to help. Any maintenance required is attended to immediately. The boat is always in immaculate condition whenever we go to use it and Andy ensures all owners are happy. I couldn’t recommended more highly the team at BSA, they are fantastic.


Trish Noakes


Just a note of thanks to Andy and Belinda for their great work at BSA.  We have the St Lucia M400 and enjoy every moment of it.  We entertain guests on the M400 and at times treat it as a holiday apartment in the water. The kids are having fun paddling and fishing.  Jeff is certainly proud to show off his parking skills in the high winds.  It is a lovely experience and we would recommend it to everyone.

Jeff and Molly

Andy – I have the highest regard for the professionalism with which you and Belinda manage BSA. The boats are always in excellent working order and spotless – a true “walk-on/walk-off” set up.

Keep it up.



Riviera M400

I am a part owner in a Belize 52 managed through Boating Syndication Australia. I purchased my share in 2011 and have no regrets. Having a part ownership makes boating easy and, most importantly, cost effective. The Belize 52 is a $1.5 million sport yacht with everything one could want from a 52-foot sport yacht. Sharing the cost with other owners makes it affordable and I find that, when I do have a day booked, I am really excited about using the sport yacht as I know when I board the vessel that everything is ready to go, right down to fresh linen and towels to a full tank of fuel and all maintenance complete; everything from the regular cleaning to periodical tasks like anti-fouling.

Boating Syndication Australia buys the yachts and keeps them between three and four years. With the vessels being new, any issues are covered by warranty, reducing exposure to potential costly repairs. The limited ownership period ensures maximum residual when the yacht is sold. BSA yachts are fully decked out, and I mean fully decked out with all the mod cons and gadgets one could want or need. Joystick control, skyhooks to name a couple, not to mention the sea kayaks available for use. BSA runs a slick operation with well trained staff at your beck and call.

Andy Young and his team are professional and quick to respond to any concerns or issues. I have had experience with other boating syndications, I have yet to come across one as professional as BSA. Boating Syndication Australia has many repeat customers and this is testament to their service and transparency in the way they manage the yachts and run the business. 

For those new to boating, BSA will help you obtain a boating licence if you don’t have one or they can provide a skipper. They will train you on your vessel and ensure that you are totally comfortable with your sports cruiser. They can also organise catering pick-up and drop in their van if need be.

I love the 52 Belize that I am part owner of now and I am already excited about the next new yacht that I will buy a share in when the time comes. They say nothing beats the smell of a new car and I can assure you the smell of a new Sport Yacht is just that little bit better! I am the envy of all my friends. There isn’t a better way to entertain them! 

The online booking system is easy, everything is just easy. I guarantee that, once you boat with BSA, you won’t consider any other way.


Simon Noble


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