Luxury Boat Shares Available

Boat Shares Sydney

Set in Sydney’s picturesque boating mecca, Middle Harbour, Ferguson’s Boatshed Marina has the perfect central location to be accessible either by road or water.


Boat Shares Gold Coast

Situated on the beautiful Gold Coast, Marina Mirage lies directly opposite the five star Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa.


Boat Management

We have a dedicated crew of cleaners, detailers, mechanics who are available to service all aspects of your vessel.


Welcome to Boating Syndication Australia

Some say the best day of boating is the day you buy your boat. At Boating Syndication Australia (BSA), we work hard to ensure that every day is your best day of boating.

Our objective is to provide you with exciting and worry-free boat ownership with as much flexibility for your on-water experience as possible. And at a much lower cost than most owners experience. We facilitate syndicates of luxury boat ownership. You actually own your share of the boat. And you share the cost of running and maintaining the boat with like-minded owners.

Why BSA?

We have been the industry leader for many years with over 241 families currently as owners of ours we aim to offer the best vessels mainly Rivieras and at an affordable high quality service.

At BSA, we provide a superior and transparent management service that ensures our owners enjoy pleasurable boating on some of Australia’s fabulous waterways for a fraction of the normal cost and hassle.This is ownership and it comes with all the benefits of ownership but as with anything that you own the cost . We try limit the cost incurred by each owner.

We currently have 21 boats in syndication and have managed more than 70 syndicated boats over ten years. So we understand what our customers need to ensure they enjoy their boating to its full potential. Which is why we enjoy a particularly high customer satisfaction rating. 

The team at BSA look forward to introducing you to your best boat owning experience and hope we'll see you out on the water soon.

Boating is Better with BSA

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